Grabien Productions

We all know hiring freelancers is a great way to save cash. But what's not great is spending hours and hours on freelancer sites, trying to find someone who might actually be halfway talented.

That's where Grabien Productions comes in.

We offer the low costs of hiring a freelancer – with the reliability of hiring a full-time staffer you know and trust.

Drawing from Grabien's network of media professionals, we can quickly turn around a variety of projects using some of the best talent available.

Just a few jobs you can now outsource to Grabien Productions:

Radio Multimedia
  • Imaging
  • Custom musical beds
  • Daily sound packet assembly (tailored to your show's exact needs)
  • Custom elements (returns/rejoiners, show intros, etc.)
  • Voice overs
  • Consulting (we can help you start your show from scratch, or simply rebrand it)
  • Motion graphics
  • Design (logos, business cards, etc.)
  • Full video production (NYC area)

We never farm jobs outside of Grabien's inner network. The only people you'll work with are people we work with — professionals performing at the top of their industries.

If you're interested in hiring Grabien Productions for your next media job, please use the form below. Someone from our staff will get back to you, usually within the hour.

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